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Gratitude Sunday

Sunday ButtonIt’s Sunday, again, and I have things I am grateful for! Please share your grats with me, I love reading them! This week I am grateful for:

  1. Novels. I have been reading like crazy since summer hit and I have enjoyed some really great books.
  2. Air conditioning! I live in Vegas, it’s crazy hot! For the past four summers, I had no a/c in our minivan. It was hell, almost literally. We finally have a newer vehicle with a/c this summer, and it makes life in the desert manageable again. I used to cry when I had to leave my house at all on really scorching days.
  3. Chicago-style pizza. Totally happened this past week and I regret nothing! *burp*
  4. Cupcake ATM machines. This was a first for me, but oh-so-delicioso.
  5. Board games. We acquired THREE new Simply Fun games in the last few weeks and we have been loving playing all of them! We expecially love “Get 4 and Score.”

I could list more things, but those are topping my list this week. What are you grateful for?

Wordless Wednesday


Gratitude Sunday

Sunday Button

I am dusting off this old blog meme and bringing it back to life. I used to do ‘Gratitude Sunday’ posts on a regular basis and I have missed it. I encourage you to join me, whether in comments here on the blog, on Facebook, or in posts of your own. I might even start using a linking software to link all of the posts up each week!

Yesterday was a ginormous, stinking pile of poo for me. I hated yesterday. I was so tired from not sleeping, I was feeling sad, and the day just felt as if it were conspiring against me. Needless to say, I was kind of a wreck. It ended on a happier note, but I (literally) fell into bed last night praying that today would be better, and it was!

Today, I am grateful for the following:

1. Church. Almost two months ago, we decided to try Shadow Hills Church, and we totally fell in love with it. Today, we became official members and the kids are making plans to be baptized before summer is over. They really love their teachers and the regular service, and having kids who enjoy church is a huge, big deal.

2. My swimming pool. Seriously, having a pool in Las Vegas during the hot, hot summer is a total blessing. It was part of the reason I turned my bad day around yesterday.

3. Friends and funny movies. Mean Girls and Pitch Perfect can make anybody laugh!

4. Iced coffee. I am back to cold-brewing my coffee and enjoying a huge, luscious, THM-friendly iced mocha each morning. Recipe coming this week!

5. Choir. Ok, so this one is related to our new church, but sitting in the choir this week reminded me of how important music really is to me. I have missed reading music, being a part of a group of singers, and performing. It felt so much like coming home. So, if you happen to go to Shadow Hills, you will see me up there next week!

So, what are you thankful for this week? Share and let me know!

I know some of you may be having a hard time and going through some serious struggles. It’s ok to keep a gratitude list down to the basics. If you need prayer, message me and I will pray for you…I really mean it! I have a prayer notebook with prayer requests in it and it would be my pleasure to lift your requests up in prayer. <3

The one in which I feel irrelevant.

irrelevant – adjective (synonymous terms):
unconnected, unrelated, unimportant, peripheral, insignificant, me

Have you ever felt irrelevant? It seems to be the main theme of my life recently. I already struggle a lot with wanting to matter to people, and you would think with 35 years of life under my belt, I would have learned something about dealing with that by now, but it would appear not. I still want to matter to people. I want to be seen. I want to be wanted. Perhaps you relate?

Don’t get me wrong – people need me. There is no end to the list of people who need something from me, or for whom I am useful in some way. But want my presence? Not so much. At times, I feel barely tolerated.

Everyone wants to be somebody’s favorite, right? It’s not just me? It seems we all suffer from some level of unrequited wanting. It’s the age-old triangle of desire. You want to be wanted by someone who doesn’t even notice you, and at the same time, someone is wanting to be wanted by you, and you barely notice!

Life is freaking complicated.

I am sure there is some sage advice to be found in all of this wanting to be relevant – something like “find relevance in your own existence” or some similar tripe. You know, “Love yourself! Be your own best cheerleader! Focus on the people who do want to spend time with you.” Bite me.

I think I’m just tired.

And yes, I know God loves me. Most days, that really is more than enough. It should always be enough, but I am only human. Maybe I will stop caring about this so much one day, move on with life, be well-adjusted and happy. But today…today I feel like an orange prom dress on the clearance rack, who just wants to dance at the ball, but no one wants that shade of orange. It sucks, you know? But someday, someone *might* want that shade of orange and like it best of all. One can only hope.


*disclaimer* This post is about my feelings for today. It is not necessarily about any particular actions. I feel how I feel and decided to share it. Also, I wrote this during a bout of insomnia at nearly 3:00 AM. I decided to publish it anyway.


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